‘When the white doves of peace refuse to fly it is an ominous sign and bad omen- Femi Kayode


As part of the Armed Forces Remembrance Day celebration President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) intends to release one of the white doves.

Releasing of birds in the air is usual rituals used to commemorate the departed soul of loved ones.

Its also signifies as peace and love during funerals and memorial when the birds fly‘

However, several attempt by Pres. Buhari to make the birds fly into the air failed.

This made Buhari to return to his seat without performing the usual ritual of flying doves.

This has made citizens to criticize Buhari, as they claim the birds inability to fly when left out means a bad omin for the government.

Femi Kayode in a tweet said

When the white doves of peace refuse to fly and when the white pigeons of the Villa fail to leave their cage it is an ominous sign and a bad omen. Buhari beware the ides of March!