When i say Am blessed to have you, It’s An understatement – Rosie gushes over Kachi


Roskie won the Ultimate Love reality show season 1. It’s been learnt the pair are currently on having fun of their life at a undisclosed hotel.

Apparently, Rosie has been sharing pictures and giving her fans update.

Taking to her page to express her love for her man Kachi, she stated that she’s never going to let go of him.

Recall she had picked David in the show, but David went ahead to pick Presh Talker.

Sharing the above picture of Kachi, she wrote….

“When I say I am blessed, lucky to be with you, to have you in my life, it’s an understatement……I love you so much with all that I am….I love you from the depth of my soul and being…..I am NEVER LETTING GO.
This journey we have started together….May God bind us with everlasting cords of love, joy, trust, honesty, sincerity, loyalty, understanding, happiness, peace and unity that can NEVER be broken, Amen.
I Love you @iam_kachiucheagwu
#Roksie #RokNation #Rosie #Kachi”