When his marriage crumbled, it really affected him and he never recovered from the shock till death – Zeb Ejiro speaks on the demise of actor Saint Obi

Prolific filmmaker, Zeb Ejiro, says the collapse of deceased veteran actor, Obinna Nwafor aka Saint Obi’s marriage affected him so much, and that the actor never recovered from the shock until his death.


Speaking in an interview with Vanguard, Ejiro said Obi couldn’t survive the shock of living apart from his family.


“Obi told me a couple of times that his marriage was crumbling and it was eating him up. He was a family man, somebody that loved to stay with his kids and build a happy home. But when his marriage crumbled, it really affected him and he never recovered from the shock till death.” When a man is not together with his family, he will be depressed. No man wants to go into that kind of situation and be happy. So, that contributed to his death”


Ejiro stated that he received a call from Saint Obi two weeks before his death where he intimated him about his protracted illness.


“Two weeks before his demise, my phone rang and it was Saint Obi on the other end. I asked him where he had been; that everybody had been looking for him. That was when he told me that he had been down and was admitted to a hospital. He added that he had done multiple surgeries and his condition wasn’t improving. His elder sister then made arrangements to move him to Jos, where he could be given proper treatment. That was the last time we spoke, as I promised to reach out to him again. But I never did, as the next thing I heard was that Obi is no more,” Ejiro narrated


Last week, Movie producer, Zik Zulu Okafor released an article where he narrated how actor Saint Obi’s marriage took him away from his friends and acting. Okafor who is also a former President of the Association of Movie Producers of Nigeria revealed that the actor’s wife was a top executive in a telecommunication company and her siblings always saw the actor as a “gold digger”.  He alleged that Saint Obi was always harassed by his wife’s siblings and this eventually led to the end of the marriage. Okafor disclosed that the actor’s health deteriorated mid last year before his eventual death. Read here.


The iconic actor, 57, reportedly passed away on Monday May 7, following months of visiting the hospital for treatment of an undisclosed ailment.

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