“When a woman stops complaining, she has fallen out of love” – Ifedayo Agoro

In a recent development, popular writer Ifedayo Agoro, known for her social platform, Diary of a Naija Girl, has turned to X platform recently to reveal a surprising detail about women.

She expressed that when a woman stops complaining, there is a high possibility that that woman has shut down emotionally and has begun to fall out of love.

She went on to advise men on what they can do. She outlined some of the many things that some men can do that would cause a woman to get to the stage. She expressed that one major one was a man denying a woman of her emotions.

She also listed constant gaslighting another thing that could cause a woman to fall out of love with a man. She stated embarrassment, disrespect, and disregard for her efforts as other reasons for a woman to lose her feelings.

In her words, she had this to say.

”When a woman stops complaining, there’s a high chance she has shut down emotionally and has begun to fall out of love with you.

Here’s a short list of SOME of the things that could cause her to get to this stage:

  1. Denial of her emotions.
  2. Not allowing her express herself fully
  3. Consistent lack of conflict resolution.
  4. Constant Gaslighting
  5. Disregarding her effort when she tries to strengthen the bond.
  6. Public embarrassment
  7. 7.Disrespect”

Now recall that a few years back, Fani Kayide had listed out some important things that men should do if they wanted to keep their women.

He expressed that to keep a lady, a man must live for her alone, worship the ground she walks on, treat her like a Queen, tolerate and accept her idiosyncrasies, weaknesses and excesses and love her for who and what she is, warts and all!

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