“What’s your excuse for not having sex with the woman you claim to love if you’re not gay or getting it somewhere else” – Nnaji Charity asks men

Nollywood actress Nnaji Charity has used her new post on Instagram to reveal that if a guy does not respond with any feelings after several body contacts, it means he is a woman in disguise, according to her.

She disclosed that in our current society, some men are gay in disguise.

She made it clear that a guy who is not a guy should not have any excuse if he cannot get intimate with the woman he claims to love, and that it might even be that he is getting sex somewhere else.

She made it known that even emotional stress does not stop feelings, especially if they are coming from someone you love. In the statement she wrote on her Instagram story, she said, “If after several body contacts the guy does not respond with any feelings, my dear, that guy is your fellow woman.” We live in a society where some guys are gay in disguise. Don’t get me wrong, what’s your excuse for not having intimacy with the woman you claim to love if you are not gay or you are getting sex somewhere else.”

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