What you’re wearing is not good for my eyes – Little girl tackles video vixen over her outfit (Video)

A video has surfaced online where a little girl was seen tackling a video vixen over her outfit and by extension it has got many people talking on social media.

In the video, the little girl who was not feeling comfortable in the environment chides a grown-up lady over the outfit she was wearing.

The little girl builds up the courage as she asks the question “why do you like to show your skin?”

Reacting to the question, the lady said; “I am a video vixen.”

The little girls asks again “That is why u are wearing that?”

The video vixen responded “That is why I’m wearing this”

The little girl who is still not satisfied with the video vixen response, queried the lady as she said; “You are showing body.”

The video vixen lady said; “You don’t like this?”

The little girl responded “Yes”

The video vixen lady uttered, “I’m so sorry, I’m sorry.”

However, during the conversation, a man who happens to be the video director asks what is going on and the lady responds by saying “She said why am I wearing this, I’m showing my skin.”

The man defended the lady saying “she has content to create” and she added “Yes, I do have content to create.”

The little girl who was still not feeling the response as an excuse for exposing her body said; “That is why you are wearing this?”

The video vixen lady said “Yes”

And the little girl said that exposing her skin is not good for eyes stressing that she is also exposing her private part as well.”

In her words; “That is not good for my eyes, you are shwoing your private part.”

The video vixen lady said she is sorry and further walks away while she laughs so hard over the way the little girl chides her.

The video director man who seems no to be having tells the little girl that the video vixen lady supposed to be the one complaining and not her.

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

tkinzystar: We are so proud of your mother, baby girl. As a man, if you like don’t marry a well raised woman, this right here is the benefit of doing that. 😊✌️.

iamtrinityguy: God bless the girl ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.

toosweet_wam: she’s from a very judgmental household and you can easily tell smhh🤦🏽‍♀️.

eye_bee_halliday: She said it’s not good for my eyes😊 A bold child and a polite vixen. God bless her parents.

rance_angel_: I just like the fact that the lady knows the kid is saying the truth and responding nicely to the kid 👏👏.

holuwahsheywun: On behalf of my gender…We are proud of ur mother 🤝.

b_uniqu.e: That little girl was brought up well. And I love the fact that the vixen handled it very maturely. She didn’t get offended as some people would have. They’re both really sweet👏❤️.

shocking__bosstress: The vixen is well trained too .. see how she handled it ? Some would say the dress sense is for adults only as an excuse ..

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