What would you do if you see your girlfriend with a failed makeup like these?


Some women have simply messed up themselves with the outrageous makeup they put on their faces. Makeups are applied to accentuate your good features and not to conceal them.

There are embarrassing moments when ladies step out wearing the wrong shades of concealer or powder. Some even end up combining colours that do not suit their complexion or go with the chosen fabric.

Makeup would only highlight your good features if your wardrobe and accessories do not fail you at the same time. As women, there are days when we step out using the wrong shade of lipstick or a darker shade of eye pencil that will make your eyebrows look ridiculous.

As men, what would you do if your girlfriend hooks up with you at a spot looking like one of the ladies below? Would you deny knowing her or simply help her rub off the ridiculous makeup on her face?

In some rare cases, the ladies involved feel like they have the best face-beat ever and work that into an attitude when they walk around. There is a difference in looking weird while being humble and looking weird and not giving a hoot.

Check out these pictures and tell us what you will do if your bae appears to you with a failed makeup like these ones in dreamland or reality:

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