What To Do When You Suspect Your Drink Has Been Spiked


The festive season is already here and a lot of us have made-up plans to spend it in a social gathering, get-together or hang-out with friends, family or co-workers, e.t.c. One of the perks of those gatherings is the food and drinks always available to attendees.

In as much as you feel the gathering consists only of your friends, family or good co-workers, there’s a cause for alarm as there might exist an enemy amongst you who’s plan may be to drug your drink so as to achieve an ulterior motive…. Please, be aware that one can be drugged anywhere!

It’s no longer new to us to come across cases when someone’s drink got spiked; only to be raped, robbed or murdered afterwards… We call that “Inside Life”.

Today we’ll be giving you tips that will serve as a guide to you whenever you find yourself in a social gathering, to prevent your drink from being spiked, and also what you can do if you suspect your drink has been spiked.

How to prevent your drink from being spiked

1. First of all, whenever you’re in a social gathering, mind the quantity of (alcohol) drinks you take-in so as to be conscious of the happenings around you and be aware of any suspicious activity.

2. While in a social gathering, make sure you finish up your drink before you move out; either to the dance floor, meet-and-greet, or the washroom, and make sure you personally order a new drink once you’re back to your seat.

3. If there’s a need to go out and you’ve not emptied your drink, only leave your drink with someone you trust…. Who do we even trust these days?
Do not accept opened drink offers from anyone in a social gathering, be it a friend, or worse still a stranger you just met…. If you have to accept drink offers, make sure you order it yourself and watch it being served.

4. Always go out in the company of two or more of your trusted friends to increase your chances of being safe.

What To Do When You Suspect Your Drink Has Been Spiked

1. Although it is difficult to spot a spiked drink as the drugs being used are usually tasteless and odourless, once you start having a blurring vision, loss of balance, Nausea, Confusion, vomiting, and unconsciousness, or even when you start feeling funny, act immediately and call for help. You’re advised to pick up your phone and call a trusted individual, preferably a family member who can arrive immediately and proffer help to you.

2. If you’re in a club or a gathering with in-house security personnel, approach security or bouncer and inform them that you’ve been drugged and need their protection until help arrives for you.

3. Seek medical attention in the nearest hospital available, to curtail the damage of the drug in your system.