What my sons think about me – Omoni Oboli


Omoni Oboli Nollywood Actress and filmaker seems to be the hottest mom on the block and this is suggested by a photo she posted on her Instagram handle.

The mother of 3 who has starred in quite a good number of movies and participated in the production of some of them has been seen gushing over herself as the hottest mom.

she also unveiled that she has never ran any cosmetic surgery to have the great body she has and she is taking good care of herself.

“My sons think I’m the hottest mom ever

True story: My darling @mizwanneka saw me and was convinced I had done surgery. I had to take off all my clothes for her o

There are a number of things I do and have done to get my stomach and waist like like this. Some of which I have shared in the past…

So Wanneka should we tell them my biggest secret? Are they ready?

PS: Incase you are thinking it, I’m not holding my breath. My stomach is not tucked in. If I tuck it in, some people will faint.. Tomorrow I will do video for the doubters

Oh mama’s back in town.. let’s get to work” were the words of the delectable actress as she took special time to appreciate her looks.