“What is he after?” — Netizens ask lady after she received 125 missed calls from a toaster

An overzealous toaster has shocked a lady as he calls her 125 times before 5 am after she was kind enough to give him her number.

She took to her account on the microblogging platform, X, @Mimee_ilo to lament the issue.

According to her, she had woken up to over 120 calls while she slept and she was panicking thinking something went wrong with one of her loved ones.

However when she checked the number calling, she discovered it was a man who collected her number earlier in the day.

She revealed he texted her on WhatsApp and from the message there was nothing that important for him to have called her that much, so she immediately blocked him.

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Some reactions to the post below

@adaezennaji_ asked: “125missed calls ke?
Did you steal his kidney?😭”

@raquelnotnice01 added: “One called 25 times, I called back and he was screaming like a rabid dog. I calmly asked him if he didn’t have better things to do or if he got me a phone, he hung up, I blocked him.”

@Niyih warned: “Unless I’m 7 months gone carrying your child, don’t EVER call me more than 3 times!”

@Lesskay_1 said: “But 125 at 5am dieer what is he after?😭”

@Rhadeeka commented: “The part of seeing the notification and panicking, thinking of different possible bad things that probably happened…..I understand you. It’s really a bad feeling.
To feel all of these for something not important…. that’s irritating”

@meka_utc wrote: “It’s an emergency. You have his heart”

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