What i would do if i am a boy – Chioma Akpota


Have you ever wondered what it would look like if you suddenly become the opposite sex?

Or imagined things you would do if you were the opposite sex? i guess someone is already having wild imaginations on what it would look and feel like.

Recall years ago, how that American singer Beyonce in her song “if i were a boy” released in 2008 hinted what she would do if she was the opposite sex and in this case we guess someone is having similar thought.

Nigerian Actress Chioma Akpotha popularly referred to as “Virgin Mary” of Nollywood in a recent instagram post has stated what she would do if she was a boy.
She posted a picture of an hilarious transformation which she did with a filter which made her look like a boy and made a stunning confession on what she would do if she was a boy.

See what she wrote,

” If I were a boy…

Wo mo hans baje!

I would be too loaded unrepentant romantic and most likely would have married @tokemakinwa by now”