“What hate ?? They’re just mad my dad is rich & my fans love me” — Davido replies twitter user who thinks he’s treated unfairly on twitter


Twitter is never an easy place for anyone especially for celebrities.
It’s a known fact that it’s a social media space not for the weak but the strong and Davido amongst other celebrities have shown he isn’t scared of criticism.

Yesterday, Davido was attacked for copying and pasting one of Wizkid’s tweets and was further mocked for making a grammatical error while copying and pasting.

Well, a concerned twitter user complained about people’s unfairness against Davido. She thinks people hate him for unjust reasons and once again, the award winning musician has shown people he isn’t fazed by insults.

He replied the concerned twitter user:

“What hate ?? The just mad my Dad rich !! MY FANS LOVE ME !!”

Many of his fans have also mentioned how much they love him and have pondered on reasons why anyone should hate Davido.

One fan said Davido gives back to the society hence no one should hate him.

See tweets: