What Has Happened To Ice Prince


Well, I stumbled upon this great song by one of Nigerian’s finest Hip Hop artist, Ice Prince and I was like, what the hell happened to this guys career. The song is ”oleku”

”Oleku” was released in the year 2010 by Ice Prince and he featured Brymo. The song was and is Still one of Ice prince greatest song ever. It is one of the highest remixed song in Nigeria. It gave Ice Prince the recognition and fame he has today, you cant mention Ice Prince and not talk about ” oleku”

Born panshak Zamani in jos in the year 1986, October 30 to be precise. Signed to chocolate city record label. Ice Prince dropped couple if hit songs and album while he was under chocolate city record label and he won several Awards both locally and internationally. Including the prestigious BET awards.

Not quite long Ice Prince left chocolates city as a result of one or two conflict to form his own record label called, super cool cat.

Since the establishment of his own record label and his departure from chocolate city Ice Prince has not found his feet back on track as it used to be. I can’t even mention any hit song he has dropped of recent. Yes, he might be making his money but that light is no longer there like before. He is now been referred to as an upcoming act.

Well we pray that he finds his feet back to where he used to be back then.