What Happened Between Tacha and Grerivian Cosmetic Company (Video)


There is an issue going viral on the social media about Tacha and Grerivian, a body lightening cream company.

According to the gist going viral on the internet that Grerivian Cosmestics paid Tacha for produce a video advert for their product which happened before her Big Brother Naija phase, when she used to model for make semi-nudes advert pics and video for companies that needed her services.

Titans are now fighting the brands for still using Tacha’s video for their adverts. That why would the company still have guts to use her video after they are signing many instagram influencers and the likes of Nina.

Tacha’s fan have forgotten that the cosmetic company pay her and they have signed agreement with her back then, they have all the right to use the video for adverts whenever, which ever way they like. The video is now there property, she sold the right to them when she signed the agreement.
Nigerians have condemned Titans for going after the cosmetic company, many call it senseless act.

Watch the video here