“What does this girl really gain from posting half naked pictures, let’s keep the GWR aside” – Lady calls out Hilda Baci over her raunchy photo

Evidently, tons of videos and photos of celebrity chef, Hilda Baci in skimpy and revealing outfits have flooded the internet following her record-breaking achievement.

Hilda Baci who rocketed to fame a couple of days back after she broke the Guinness World Record for the individual with the longest cooking time (100 hours 40 minutes), has been lashed by a lot of cybernauts due to her choice of outfit.

In a recent development, a lady identified on the micro-blogging platform, Twitter by her handle, @debora_20230 shared a photo of Hilda Baci wearing lingerie and slammed the chef over nudity.

Expressing disapproval over Hilda’s style, she wrote:

“What does this girl really gain from posting half naked pictures of herself on the internet? What has cooking got to do with nudity? Let’s keep the GWR aside… This is wrong on all levels, what message are you conveying to me and the younger generation?”

See the tweet below:

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