What Does Falz Smoke?


From the first time I heard baba around 2013 on a Lagos FM station ,I laughed like crazy.A track called wazup guy and for a couple of years that station was the only notable one that played him especially on weekends until around 2014 when he dropped his first album after which he kept on bringing unique crazy concepts.Been following him closely and got to know he doesn’t smoke,but baba go dey shayo Sha..lol. or does he pop secretly??(just asking please don’t sue me sir) Incase you never knew HE IS ALSO A LAWYER .well ,whatever Falz is a big inspiration and I’m feeling his gray beards and damn that verse on Ronaldo with Aje butter 22 was a killer and that line saying give them jipapajipapo something murders me every single time I play that song..Funny guy but good messages in his songs.Moral Instruction late 2018 was a bold statement and time and time again he pops up with something standing him out .I still remember his This is Nigeria freestyle off Donald Glover’s this is America,another masterpiece.Well and good Baba is already reaching for the skies without the smoke clouds.kudos sir.