What BBNaija’s Seyi Awolowo Taught Me


One of the most intriguing housemates of the recently concluded 2019 Big Brother Naija TV show is Seyi Awolowo. I didn’t know he was the grandson of the late Obafemi Awolowo, but I liked his personality. The moment I learnt who he was, I took even more interest in watching him. I was not disappointed at all. He proved himself to be a charming, lively, and funny young man. My encounter with him, albeit via the TV show, left me with some lessons which I will share shortly.

Your roots don’t have to define your path in life.

Seyi was born into a prominent family, well-known in political circles. His grandfather, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, was a nationalist and statesman who played an important role in Nigeria’s independence from British colonial rule. His name is usually mentioned among other elder statesmen such as Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, and Alhaji Sir Ahmadu Bello. You would expect him to either become a politician or work in the federal civil service, but no, Seyi Awolowo chose his own path differently. He is known as an actor, model, and now a widely known entertainment figure courtesy of Big Brother Naija. Where some people shocked to see the grandson of Awolowo going for such a TV show? If they were, Seyi wasn’t bothered at all. He went into Biggie’s house and chased his dreams of fame and fortune in the entertainment sector.

To you out there: Your family roots or heritage doesn’t have to define your life choices. You can choose to be anything you want to be. What really matters is your passion and determination to succeed. With those two qualities, the sky is just your starting point. But there is another lesson deep within this first lesson.

A great heritage does not guarantee automatic success in life.

Seyi had a great family name, a heritage that is connected with Nigeria’s independence, plus a decent education. Yet, he didn’t get to where he was on a platter of gold. According to him, he had to go from one audition to the other to get the minor acting roles he landed. Upon getting into the BBNaija house, he had to compete with other housemates for the role of Head of House. He also had to partake in the various tasks assigned to the housemates. No one gave him any special treatment. That is the way it generally is in real life. Success hardly ever comes as a gift wrapped in gold. You have to work hard and smart for it. Even if you think you have a great family background, it is good to remember that the world owes you nothing. Your future is an open book, and you determine the story that will be written.

Seyi put up a good fight for the star prize, but unfortunately, he didn’t get it. It went to someone else. Still, he didn’t lose out completely as he was appointed an ambassador for One International – a world-renowned NGO. Even with his famous heritage, he has had limited success in life. However, I believe his cheerful, determined nature will take him places soon. As if to prove me right, a few days ago on his Instagram page, he announced his appointment as brand ambassador for House of Lunettes, an eye wear brand. Congratulations, Seyi!