What a woman earn is not a man’s business but what a man earns is a woman’s business because he has to take care of her – Saida Boj

Nigerian feminist, Saida Boj has declared that men who concern themselves about their woman’s earnings doesn’t befit the title of a man.

The feisty feminist discussed a variety of relationship-related topics in a Hot Takes episode airing on Pulse TV.

She previously disclosed that no matter how wealthy she is, as soon as she enters a relationship, she instantly becomes impoverished.

In response to the question of whether it is appropriate for couples to reveal their incomes before marriage, Saida Boj emphatically stated that her income is private information.

According to her, any man that wants to know how much his woman earns, is not a man.

See netizens reactions that followed…
Black Coffee affirmed: “My gender and accountability are like two parallel lines. This is sickening”

Ayomilekan stated: “I don’t blame her I blame the people calling the to live tv”

Joswal said: “Person wey no get earnings E con dey use style guide. Atenu”

olamijuwon asked: “Chai! Who do us like this? 🤦🤦🤦”

Fxiii retorted: “Abeg shut up! Man come life con work die na. God said women are helpers, you know the rest”


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