Wendy Williams takes another swipe at Rihanna, says she’s not girlfriend material


Yesterday Rihanna’s Navy was heated after they learned talk queen Wendy Williams came for their fave something serious during Hot Topics, but we have to admit Wendy literally came for the singer’s jugular this time around.

While discussing Chris and Drake recently hitting the studio together and officially ending their feud, Wendy pretty much called Rihanna a tramp who simply is not girlfriend material.

She says:

“I don’t think anyone but Chris has been serious about Rihanna ’cause Rihanna…don’t take this the wrong way because this is an observational observation. Rihanna is like you hit the skins and scram.

“Well I didn’t make that up! She puts it out there. Like Rihanna is not girlfriend material. Am I wrong? Rihanna is the kind of girl she’s hot, she’s sexy. You do her, then you take your penicillin.

“Let me get out of this while I can. Let’s move on.”

Wendy has been getting dragged on Twitter since yesterday.


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