Wendy Shay reacts to Sista Afia’s diss song at her


Ghanaian songstress, Wendy Shay has responded to Sista Afia after she bashed her in her latest WMT diss song.

A few days ago, musician Sista Afia released a serious banger to blast Wendy Shay, Sister Derby, Asem and others.

Sista Afia noted Wendy Shay is a kid in the Ghanaian music industry, yet she is the one branding herself as a queen, seeking unnecessary attention.

She also added that she is her own boss and does not sleep with her manager. (well whatever that means is over to her..)

Apparently, Wendy Shay has responded to Sista Afia. In fact, she has again claimed the queenship.

In a photo shared so social media, she wrote, ‘Queen of Ghana music‘