Wedding Canceled as Groom’s Father Vanishes With Bride’s Mother

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An ongoing wedding has been canceled because groom’s father eloped with the bride’s mother.

The unfortunate incident was revealed by a friend to one of the families last night via his space on twitter.

A dismayed guest and friend to the bride’s family, Max Vayshia took to Twitter to narrate the incident as it happened.

He posted;

“So this wedding was cancelled because groom’s father eloped with bride’s mother. Mahd oo.”

As funny as it was, it wasn’t really funny to him. For him, the funny aspect was the fact that it happened live in front of everyone.

“What is more funny is that this is not a joke. It happened live ”, he added.

Now, thinking about this, if what we are all suspecting happens, the ex fiancé and fiancée becomes step brother and step sister. The stepson and daughter becomes ex lovers.

While people endorse the decision to cancel the wedding, others believe they were not ready to get married yet. Citing that if they were, they wouldn’t allow the business of two consenting adults influence the process of getting married.