“We will not witness any form of war in our country, may this dream never come to pass” – Mercy Eke prays against the scary dream about Nigeria’s election as she goes spiritual

Mercy Eke, the winner of Big Brother Naija’s ‘PepperDem’ Edition, has expressed concern about the outcome of the 2023 election while sharing a terrifying dream.

Many Nigerians have recently faced difficult times, ranging from fuel scarcity to a lack of new Naira notes.

Some youths took to the streets to protest and destroy bank facilities, causing chaos in some parts of the country.

Mercy Eke revealed in a Twitter post that she had a dream about a war breaking out in the country following the election.

She prayed for all Nigerian youth, adding that the country would experience a peaceful power transition and election.

She tweeted: 

Dear Jesus, we will not witness any form of W^R in our country Nigeria amen, lord raises a standard against violence in Nigeria may this dream never come to pass we will have a peaceful transfer of power and election I cover every Nigerian youth with the blood of Jesus

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