We now know where Dj cuppy gets her beauty from; certainly not from her billionaire father!


You must be as blind as the bat if you think Dj Cuppy born Florence Otedola is nowhere near beautiful.

Cuppy is not your average girl at all

Cuppy on Mother’s Day shared a picture of herself and her beautiful mother and we finally get it— she gets her beauty from her mother and certainly not her billionaire father.

Don’t get us wrong, we are not saying Femi Otedola is not a handsome man, the fact is, he actually is and his wealth adds a lot of spice to that effect.

Cuppy has always maintained that she was raised by a strong woman and that is why she is evidently strong.

Yesterday, she shared a picture of Mama Cups with a simple caption; “Lucky YOU for birthing ME (lol) 💕👏🏽 Happy Mother Day #MamaCups.”

There is no doubt she loves her mother to the very latter and that love is returned deeply— I mean what can even beat a mother’s love.?