We know who Yemi Alade’s secret lover is (photos)


Yemi Alade is a top Nigerian singer. She entered the spotlight after winning the Peak Talent Show in 2009, and after her hit single Johnny, she has been making waves in around the world with her talent.

Yemi Alade (2)

She was awarded the best female at the 2015 MTV African Music Awards and currently has two albums under her belt: King of Queens (2014) and Mama Africa (2016).

Recently Yemi has been seen chilling and being friendly with American singer, Trey Songz. The pair have been seen on several occasions enjoying each other’s company and supporting each other.

Now, it’s easy to brush it off as they are friends but we can’t help but wonder what if it is more? What if Yemi and Trey are dating right under our noses and we are blinded by how cute they are to notice.

Lets analyse it as we go through four reasons these two could be secretly dating:

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