We know the election’s result were manipulated but we decided not to bother ourselves – NNPP

Rufai Hanga, a senator-elect in Kano under the platform of NNPP, has stated that the NNPP are very much aware that the election results were manipulated but after their meeting together, they decided not to bother their selves because they want to peace of the nation.

According to him, NNPP were supposed to have won Jigawa state alongside Kano but the results were manipulated

He further stated that in some polling units the logo for the Labour Party and also the NNPP were missij

His words: “The reality is that we won in Kano and we would have won in Jigawa but this election was compromised. They manipulated the results. And let me tell you one of the worst thing that happened in the election is that the NNPP logo and the other party which is the Labour Party logo were missing some ballot paper in the core North. The ones that have the logos are shady and blurry, you can’t even know what is there. We don’t know the people who instigated this agenda. We sat and met and decided not to bother ourselves, we don’t want problem for the country.”

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