We just want her back alive – Leah Sharibu’s parents react to her delivery


Barely hours after news broke that Boko Haram captive, Leah Sharibu has delivered a baby boy for her captors, her parents have been made to relive the sorrow of losing their child to the terrorist group all over again.

The family has reacted to the news saying they only want their child back even though they suspect the baby rumors are probably untrue. They however said they were willing to accept both the baby as well.

Reports claim Leah has a baby for a Boko Haram commander in Niger Republic and that she would have been released some months ago but for her pregnancy. However a spokesman for the family Mr. Puldu said, “I have seen reports that Leah had a baby boy. That is just a rumour as far as we are concerned. What we even desire is to see a proof of life so that we see Leah by ourselves. If they are able to have Leah safe, we will understand.

“The most important thing is that we want her to be alive. And if she is alive, we will praise God for that. They should release her, despite whatever condition she is in. That is all; it doesn’t matter whether she is pregnant or with a baby. Is it not better to have your child alive? So, it doesn’t matter, all we are interested in is her life and safety.”