We have set example on fighting corruption — NBA


The Nigerian Bar Association says it has set an example for the country on how to tackle corruption and ensure competent leadership.

The NBA President, Mr Paul Usoro (SAN), said the association had shown that corruption was best fought by enthroning transparency and putting checks in place rather than being reactive.

Usoro said this on Friday while reading the resolution reached at the NBA Annual General Meeting, which held in Lagos on Thursday.

The NBA president said part of the outcome of the meeting was an amendment to the NBA Constitution of 2015 and the introduction of governance practices to enhance accountability and transparency in the association’s affairs.

Usoro said, for instance, the meeting resolved that from 2020, the NBA financial year would run from January to December and also approved the appointment of Deloitte & Touche as the NBA external auditor.

He said, “We believe that such proactive steps in regard to the issue of fighting corruption are a lot more relevant and necessary for a country like Nigeria than the reactive steps of having to see that we catch the thieves.

“If you block the loopholes, then it’s very difficult for people to steal and that is what the NBA decided to do; not because we have thieves but because it is a good practice.”

Usoro said this was “a lesson that the NBA would like the Nigerian nation to imbibe based on what we did.”

He explained that the amendment to the NBA Constitution was to the effect that “the association’s national officers, and in particular, the president and the general secretary,