“We have done our part to end Boko Haram, we can’t go further in Nigeria”- Chadian president


The Chadian President, General Idriss Deby has made it known that the Chadian Army has done their best to combat the Boko Haram terrorists and give reasons why they can’t further help Nigeria to end it in their country.

After 92 of Chadian military were killed in ambush by the Boko Haram members that led to a giant strike by the Chadian Army which has resulted to killing of many Boko Haram members and many were dispersed to different neighboring countries. Some of the members escape to Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger but the Chadian president said they can’t go further to fight Boko Haram in Nigeria. He said Chadian Army are not an army of occupation.

“We cleared Boko Haram From Nigerian Towns: Their Soldiers Refuses to Take Over. We want the Nigerians (troops) to come and occupy, so we can advance,” President Déby complained in an interview at his palace this week. “We’re wasting time, for the benefit of Boko Haram,” he added. “We can’t go any further in Nigeria. We’re not an army of occupation.” He said.

According to New York Time, “a small-country president cleaning up a far bigger and richer one’s mess”. President Déby showed no hint of triumphalism. Instead, he was frustrated, impatient: His men were stuck, still awaiting any sign of Nigerian forces who could come to take over.

He said he does not want to be holding Nigerian territory. He wants to be on the move to give Boko Haram more Blows.