“We have 0% teenage pregnancy on girls of age 20 and above in our schools”, Angie Motshekga reveals


Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga and her department are celebrating the good news that has come out of her troubled department recently.

It’s not a better or improved performance in schools, it’s not the delivery of stationery in time nor another import of foreign teachers. It’s not safe toilets for rural schools nor sanitary pads for the disadvantaged girls. It is the fact that her department had reported “ZERO TEEN PREGNANCY ON GIRLS AGED 20 AND ABOVE”.

In her own words, Angie Motshekga said when she received the stats she couldn’t believe it either but said it was heartwarming news that her department had gotten some this right for all the 11-years she’s been in office.

“Since I took over the office we’ve never had a single teenage pregnancy reported for girls who are 20-years and above. Sometimes girls who are 19 and pregnant just vanish from our stats when they turn 20. We are doing a great job and my department should be commended for that.” Said Motshekga to the media.

When asked how is that possible she said she had no idea. “The stats say so”

Angie Motshekga was appointed Minister of Basic Education in 2009 by president Jacob Zuma.