“We drink female orgasm (squirt) to stay alive, while lost at sea”, California couple

John and Amy

San Francisco: John and Amy, who were celebrating their engagement back in January 2020 told reporters that they survived a week at sea by only drinking Amy’s female orgasm squirt. The two later separated during quarantine but they have a strange tale to tell.

John and Amy decided to go on vacation in Tijuana in the middle of winter. John rented a small boat from a local boat rental company. Amy was skeptical and was hesitant to board the “unsafe” looking boat, but her cheap husband to be at the time convinced her it was safe. They were told the boat has a full tank of gas and everything they need in case of an emergency.

At the time Amy’s weight was 198 pounds and she loved eating so she brought enough food for a family of six. Amy said being lost at sea changed her life in many ways, one being the fact that she lost 90 pounds in only seven days. When the boat run out of gas they realized that they have no other communication methods besides their phones that were low on battery and they were far out of the reception area.

When they realized they were lost they decide to start rationing Amy’s food and water which lasted the first seven days, then they spend the next six days feeding off of Amy’s genitals. Amy said they thought they were going to be rescued by the boat company because they were told the boat had a tracker which was a lie.

Amy Smith

“I look at it like this, that was the worst and the best thing that ever happened to me, I reached my weight loss target, I discovered I that female orgasm exists and it is a wonderful thing. I actually discovered my worth really. That’s why I eventually broke up with John, he was cheap and lazy, that vacation was actually supposed to be Cape Town where it was summer at the time. After we were rescued I thought he would continue to make me squirt and he couldn’t so I called off the engagement.”

Amy said for six days straight John was making her cum and collecting the cum for them to drink multiple times a day. “I swallowed his manly fluid too so not to waste the vitamins and he run out on day three, me I was still yielding enough for the both of us to survive. I was cumming when the rescue team find us”

John who claims he still loves Amy says he never made her cum until his survival instincts kick in. “I had to locate that G-spot and make her squirt, our mouth were dry and we were completely dehydrated and she saved the both of us. I will always be grateful. My little brother was making a joke yesterday saying it’s safe to say that WAP saved my life. We still text now and then but it looks like she moved on.”