‘We deserve way better’ Nigerians react to president buhari’s recorded broadcast


Nigerians are apparently not satisfied with the mode and manner decided upon by the President and Commander In Chief of The Armed Forces, President Muhammadu Buhari.

Buhari had earlier this Sunday evening addressed Nigerians via a per-recorded nationwide broadcast where he urged Nigerians to remain calm as government does all in its power to ensure that the Coronavirus pandemic is nipped in the bud and decisively dealt with Inline with this, he had directed that a nationwide lock down commence from Monday 30th March for an initial 14 day period.

But going by the reactions monitored on social media, it appears Nigerians were not so much impressed and neither were they satisfied with the pre-recorded broadcast.

Social media user @bigdaddyvinz said rather hilariously that, ‘No matter how tired I may be, seeing President Muhammadu Buhari on Television always gives me strength to stand up and change the channel immediately’’ while PDP Lagos Chieftain, ‘’Olalere Gbadamosi said, ‘’Are you all happy now with the pre-recorded, edited, wishy-washy cut-and-join excuse for a national broadcast?’’

He said further, ‘’I hate being right now! We deserve way better than these inconsiderate incompetents.’’

Another user identified as @swiz_ said, ‘’Now that President Muhammadu Buhari has spoken to us – Has he died ? – they should stop packaging the man like he is too dumb to speak. I encourage him to speak up more often.’’ While Hynsid dared the President to take over 20 unscripted questions from the press like how Trump and other world leaders does. Saying that of course that won’t happen and we’re supposed to believe everything he says #BuhariAddressNigerians.

Another user @ayemojubar said, ‘’Lesson Learnt Today! If you want a leader to act, put pressure on him.

President Muhammadu Buhari has proven that today. What you permit have every right to remain.

#PresidentialUpdate #BuhariAddressNigerians’’

Other reactions are presented below:


Been in Broadcast journalism 26yrs & know President Muhammadu Buhari is in ASO Rock BUT his address to the nation wasn’t LIVE. It was prerecorded. @NTANewsNow @FemAdesina

@GarShehu you can all do better. Next Presidency I’m taking your jobs combined Flag of NigeriaFace with rolling eyes #BuhariAddressNigerians


Did President Muhammadu Buhari just say from this “AFTERNOON”? I thought the LIVE broadcast was scheduled for 7pm(evening) on the Nigerian Television Authority, are you thinking what I’m thinking? Might be ears tho… #Aproko #BuhariAddressNigerians