We Brag Differently – Miwa Kayamata goddess Hits Hard on Jaruma Empire


These past days, we followed the alleged power-play cum rift between Jaruma Empire and Miwa Kayamata goddess drama closely, as the duo have been taking each other on who is more authentic than the other in the business. Now, almost a week after Jaruma spilled top secrets of her business associates as well as tantrums, Miwa, is responding directly on the drama for the first time.

To catch you up, Hauwa Saidu Mohammed known as Jaruma Nigerian sex therapist, entrepreneur and founder of Jaaruma Empire Limited had accused Miwa of paying blogs to tarnish her image and products of other Kayamata sellers however, the drama ensued when Miwa arrested Bobrisky for endorsing other Kayamata sellers. So, somehow Hauwa came into the picture with serious allegations.

Following the backlash, the goddess whose real name is Akinola Oluwatomiwa Balqees has responded with a convocation picture saying “ELECTRICAL ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING Graduate ‍🎓 with a hashtag ‘we brag differently’ highest voltage’, while publicly taking reviews of the effectiveness and authenticity of her products, she stressed that; ” They don’t see the wrong the do because I say less… But I will rather keep it that way because a tiger does not lose sleep over the opinion of a sheep”.

Miwa ventured in Aphrodisiac majorly 2016, known for her major impact in women’s sexual life.