Watch moment gunman shot and killed South African woman after she testified in court

A yet-to-be identified woman, said to be a witness in a court case, was shot and killed near Wynberg Magistrates Court in Cape Town, South Africa. 


A video posted by CrimeInSA via Twitter on Wednesday, May 31, shows the woman walking out of the court towards the main road, when a man followed and shot her twice in the head before fleeing. 


Police spokesperson, Malcolm Pojie said the incident happened at about 10.45am on May 25, 2023, adding that she succumbed to injury on the scene and was declared dead by medical personnel. 


Wynberg CPF’s Shamila Nicholas said the victim was believed to be attending a court case in which she was a witness, and that she was followed out of court.


“It’s a case that is going back to 2018. She was shot at and died on the scene,” Nicholas said.

Video below….

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