Washing plate will reduce your stress, see how


Are you feeling bored or Are you stressed? A recent study has revealed that washing dishes can reduce your stress level.

For many people, different small tasks help relax their minds, including listening to music and watching movies. However, one study

found that washing dishes lowers your stress level in a significant way.

A study found that washing dishes lowers your stress level

It is quite possible that a lot of people already wash dishes as a way of relaxing their minds. But who would’ve thought that science would

one day confirm dishwashing as an activity that benefits the mind? In a study published in journal Mindfulness, experts say that washing

dishes can help relieve stress if done right.

A team of Florida researchers wanted to find out whether simple tasks like dishwashing can bring about a positive state of mind. For the

research, the team recruited 51 students in their early 20s. Over half of those 51 students were to read a 230-word passage with special

attention to the experience of dishwashing on physical senses. While the other half read a similar-length passage that stressed proper

dishwashing methods. After reading, both groups gave their interpretation of the reading. Then each washed 18 clean dishes.

Woman Washing Dishes with her daughter

Positive and negative well-being and mindful state were checked before and after the dishwashing exercise. With the first group,

dishwashing heightened the sense of time, slowing it down pleasurably. While the second group got no benefits.

What the study means to you

The study and its benefits do not just revolve around dishwashing. Other household activities can achieve the same results, as long as

they’re done mindfully. If you’re performing a specific task, focus your mind on the task at hand until you’re through with it. That means

mopping the floor with your mind in the process, trimming the flowers, and doing the laundry. In fact, even enjoying your coffee in the

morning or taking a morning shower can be beneficial. The trick is to focus on the feel of the water on your skin and to enjoy the pleasant

smell of coffee.

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