WARNING: My experience with Olosho, i learnt my lesson in hard way


Where are we heading in this Nation? I’m using this medium to send general warning to all men who own cars, to be mindful of who they carry as lift on the highways.

I had a bitter encounter with a devilish lady yesterday. I went to Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye Ogun State to meet my wife who is also a secretary there, as regard the admission of our Son.

At about 4pm when returning to Ijebu Ode from Ago Iwoye, two ladies waved me down and pleaded for a lift to Ijebu Ode. When we got to Cocoa Cola round about before Kara, one of the ladies alighted with appreciation.

On getting to Molipa Junction at Ibadan Garage, the second lady opted to alight. But to my surprise, immediately I stopped, she just furiously held my cloth and started screaming:

“Pay me my money…pay me my money, since yesterday you used me and decided to dump me without payment–useless man”—said lady

I was shocked! Suddenly, people began to gather around us. She refused to come down from the car, claiming I carried her overnight and refused to redeem my part.

I indeed felt shameful and embarrassed as a Pastor. I shed tears!

When people asked her the cost, she claimed N50,000. I shouted – haaaaa aaa aaa aaa ah! N50 what? – I asked.

Shamefully, people around had started believing her while some still never believed. Eventually, people said I should give her some amount but she remained adamant, saying our agreement was N50K.

With eyes full of tears, I gave my ATM to someone there to go to nearby first bank to withdraw N50K.

But Openly there, I began to curse her. I cursed her career, cursed her marriage, cursed her future, cursed her fruit of the womb….

Callously, she collected the N50K and left. It was very shameful and embarrassing. She abused, insulted me even almost slapping me and carted away N50K.

This is my sad encounter with OLOSHO. I advise all men to be very careful of carrying lift.