Wait ooo! Na True? Made in Nigeria rice taste like sand, Nigeria Man cries


Following Nigeria’s border closure, Nigerians have been forced to look inwards instead of depending on imported goods. Chief of the products that has affected Nigerians in this period is rice.

Different ‘Made in Nigeria’ rice has flooded the markets and well, there are varying opinions on the quality.

Investigative Journalist, Fisayo Soyombo shared pictures of an abakaliki rice his help got for him and it wasn’t a pretty sight. The water used to wash the rice was shockingly brown and faccording to him, the rice was full of sand.

He tweeted: ”Just because we closed our borders for a few weeks, see the kind of nonsense rice we’ve flooded our markets with. This one even felt like sandy soil the moment I turned it into water. Is this honestly the best we can do as a people? Who cursed us with mediocrity so wickedly?

The person who runs errands for me got it for me. If this was what she got, and she knows what she’s been previously buying for me, it means there’s an abundance of this particular rice in that market. I didn’t do World War III to get rice in the past, why should I start now?

Abakaliki Rice — according to the seller (and the buyer). That’s what they both said.”

Many Nigerians attacked him and a few attested to the fact that the Nigerian rice is nothing to write home about.

Read some replies below.

I thought you are an investigative journalist. How does having a brand of rice or even three (3) translate to mean bad rice floods Nigerian Market. The pics below is the one in my house, and I see many others that are more beautiful as well. Stop defaming Nigeria.
Clout is a dangerous drug. A week or so ago u were being celebrated for d excellent investigative work u did on our corrections system. Knowing there is better quality local rice out there, but now drunk with d attention u’ve received, u tweet this out to receive more attention.

Guy I’ve been eating naija rice for 5months. Let’s leave patriotism even the once I buy from aboki with wheelbarrow in PH doesn’t look like dis. I love ur investigative journalism but dis path u wanna take now ain’t cool. Leave patriotism go to d market ask for naija rice.

Made in Nigeria Rice

This is not even the issue of brands here. All the rice produced are bad, stones and shaft can kill you if you’re not careful.

Nobody cursed us bro. The more we appreciate what we have, the better it gets. Rome was not built in a day remember.

Oga Fisayo that house girl pour sand for your rice

I wasn’t going to say anything about this rice thing when I saw Fisayo’s tweet earlier but all of you talking about the rice, have you even seen how it looks like?? Had to rinse it like 10 times cause of the stones, my mother still complained about the stones when it was done.

What are your thoughts on Nigerian rice and which brand produces premium rice in Nigeria?