Viral video of a Nigerian man selling ‘hausa’ herbs by the roadside in Mercedes Benz C-class (Video)


A video making rounds on social media shows a man from the Northern part of Nigeria, selling local herbs in the highly coveted luxury automobile brand Mercedes Benz. The local herb seller was unto his business when an awestruck passerby could not help but record a video of him in the machine most Nigerians can only wish to own.

Nigerians reacted after popular twitter microblog PostSubMan shared the video. The vehicle used for such menial job that its’s yearly returns might not buy a new tyre. Some presumed that the car was most likely a gift from a rich friend or relative. What would a local herb seller do with a Mercedes Benz C300? Your guess is as good as mine, he’d use his to propagate his business.

Watch the video below