VIDEO: Woman runs over husband’s brother, shoots him in the middle of the street

A Turkish woman ran over her 41-year-old brother-in-law with a car and shot him in the head while he was unconscious. He died instantly in the middle of the streets. “Urfa”.

Site mentioned “Türkiye now” That the Turkish woman screamed after killing her husband’s brother, saying: “I washed my honor”She demanded that the passer-by call the police to turn herself in.

And the site stated that her revenge after the latter threatened him by publishing a video of her, some of them, on the communication sites.

In the details of the crime that shook the Turkish street, the site was mentioned “Shafak News” That this lady agreed to meet with her husband’s brother last Wednesday in a street “Urfa”Upon seeing him, she ran over him and shot him in the head.

According to the site, the woman carried out the crime in two stages, in a double way, as she ran him over with her car, then approached him while he was unconscious and shot him in the head, killing him.

Video below…

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