Video trends as married women stage protest against husband snatching in Asaba (Watch)

Some married women have caused a buzz in a market as they storm out to protest against the alarming rate of husband snatching going on in Asaba, Delta state.

The women were seen on the street of Asaba, expressing their annoyance by demonstrating at a market to create awareness over the issue.

In a video that was shared on social media, the women were seen carrying various placards which announced their mission against husband snatching.

One of the banner they held read, “We are tired. Single girls leave out husband to come back to their wives and children.”

A woman could be seen rolling on the floor, saying “No more husband snatching, if I can you with my husband, I go post your picture. Husband snatchers”.

Market people and onlookers got intrigued as they watched the married women in awe. Some even joined them in the protest.

Mixed reactions trailed the video as they shared their thoughts via comment section. Some reactions are shown below:

@kingkhone4real said, “Embrace polygamy and enjoy your life.”

@TrulyDearest_ said, “Jobless women”.

@ayokay01 said, “Has it gotten to this point?”

@chuxenyi said, “After driving their husbands out with bad character, they’re blaming sidechicks that her doing their jobs for them 🤣”.

@iam_Jiga said, “You dey protest for market, those wey dey Snatch dem dey DBS road”

@Gabrielapogee said, “There are specialist HS that side. No be by protest sha. Do what the HS does and keep your husband.”

@YahBuchi said, “Dey play😆😆😆😆This is a very lucrative business in Asaba😆Posting pictures means nothing to them ooThey’ll even be happy sef.”

Watch the video below :

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