Video trends as lady becomes a mom in 15 minutes without knowing she’s pregnant (Watch)

Several reactions have started trailing a video making the rounds on social media where a lady named Kayla becomes a mom in 15 minutes without knowing she is pregnant.

In the video trending online, the lady said she didn’t know she was pregnant until the the day of delivery as there was no baby bump.

She said that she thought she was having abdominal pain when she went to the emergency room.

In her words; “This is the story on how became a mom within 15minutes and you’re probably wondering what the heck? how do you not know you’re having a baby? but let me see you.

This is me right before I got pregnant and this is me middle of my pregnancy, and guess what? This is me the day before, this is me the day before I gave birth. in November 2021. I went to the emergency room with abdominal pain thinking I had appendicitis.

It started in my room where I was curled up in a ball ad couldn’t get off the toilet. I was having major bleeding and didn’t know what to do.

Once I called my mom upstairs, she told me that maybe it was just period cramps, but I thought that couldn’t be possible because I had just ended my period two days before.

At first, we were just gonna brush it off, take an Advil, and put a heating pad on, But we knew it was serious when I couldn’t walk downstairs.

So then my mom rushed me to the ER. I was in so much pain, I couldn’t even walk straight up. The doctors then wanted to rule out hernia, ovarian cysts, and appendicitis.

So I was taken for an ultra sound. During the Ultrasound, my mom then saw something familiar which seemed to be little feet. I then let out a loud

It’s obvious I’m in so much pain. so the doctor came in, looked and I am crowning. I was then rushed upstairs to labour and delivery where in 15 minutes I had my beautiful little daughter.

According to additional information, “Kayla had something called a cryptic pregnancy, which is where you don’t have any signs or symptoms of pregnancy until much later on
or in Kayla’s case, until she gave birth.”

Kayla further added that she never took any birth control pill in the past.

Watch the video below;

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