Video trends as couple begs for money on street to sponsor their wedding, Nigerians react (Watch)

A Nigerian couple has shamelessly storm the street as they begged people for financial assistant to fund their dream wedding ceremony.

In a video circulating online, the bride could be seen in her white sophisticated wedding gown holding a brown placard with, ‘Need money to sponsor our wedding’ while the groom donned in his white shirt and black trouser. He was seen with a briefcase, meant to keep money people donated for them.

They walked closely together on the street, asking passersby for contributions to make their wedding day a reality. The bride raised her placards and her spouse opened the briefcase.

Their method of securing funds for their wedding quickly went viral online as onlookers watched the couple with amazements. Many took out their phones to capture them begging for money on the street.

The video showed how passersby came through for them as they contributed money for them. Towards the end of the video, the couple were seen counting the wads of money they received.

Social media users shared their thoughts via comment section. Many could not stop laughing as they took to internet.

Some reactions are shown below:

w.u.r.a.h said, “Awwwwn Nigerians are actually good people .. we are nice just that our head too Dey shake😂”.

smartphonephotographyboss said, “Nigerians have really large hearts 😍😍😍😍😍 and are genuinely happy for people. I will also be on the look out for how this will evolve into some for of trend in the coming weeks ” we need money to maintain our marriage” *I need money to surprise my boyfriend” etc”.

officialworldgift said, “Because a lot of Nigerians believe in “seed sowing”, they would likely make so much money cos some people will tie the seed to them meeting their own life partners😂”.

z.o.b_fabrics said, “If not for anything, I love the fact that people are genuinely happy for them and willing to give. God bless them❣️❣️❣️”.

Watch the video below:

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