Video trends as bride crawls to present cake to her in-laws on wedding day (Watch)

A trending video circulating online has captured a bride crawling some distances to give cake to her in-laws on her wedding, causing stirs on social media.

In the video, the bride could seen navigating her way around the hall, carrying the cake and managing her gown to avoid tripping. Despite struggling visibly, guests watch without intervening.

Upon reaching her in-laws, they collect the cake before helping her up. In the follow-up video, the bride was seen kneeling for her groom.

The clip sparked debates on cultural practices and gender expectations. Critics believe it’s unnecessary and old-fashioned, questioning how these traditions affect women’s status and respect in marriages.

Watch the video below:

Some reactions are shown below:

victorokpalan said, “This is actually degrading to womanhood! Like what nonsense 🙄”.

gnwalor said, “For whatever reason she was made to do this, I hope the groom was also made to role on the floor when he came for introduction, if that didn’t happen, the bride’s family need to find a way to make him do that and also post on SM.”

teejay_uzo said, “I can never allow my wife to go through this”.

obaksolo said, “Wetin be this😂😂😂😂She go show her Husband SHEGE BANZA”.

damie_jackreece said, “Na culture, make una leave her … Her choice 🙌”.

ble_ssing_sunday said, “Be like the in-laws Dey craze…why l forget my gun🔫”.

shegxydbossy said, “If you have a mother in-law that will make you do this on a wedding day run ooooo”.

r_e_dbone_ said, “Omo this is poverty o 😔 you and your family members are meant to worship her because she’s leaving everything to help your son life 😂 sorry Mo harsh but it’s the truth I can’t continue I feel sick with this video 🌚”.

kawetildas_cakes said, “This can never be me…. Thank God my tradition no dey do this kind thing 😂”.

d_realsolz said, “said, “No be small thing woman eye Dey see to enter man house oo. 😂😂Abi na film be ds 😂😂”.

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