Video shows Kenyan musician filming as his wife drank poison and died in their children’s presence

A video of Kenyan musician, DJ Brownskin recording his wife as she drank poison and died has been shared online months after the wife’s death. 

Sharon Njeri Mwangi, the wife and mother of DJ Brownskin’s children passed away in July last year. 

Video showing her last moments surfaced online on April 2. 

In the clip, DJ Brownskin, whose real name is Michael Macharia Njiri, is seen sitting and filming while his wife pours a poisonous substance in a cup and gulps it down. 

He’s heard talking to her as she consumes the substance and, according to reports, he was goading her to drink the poison. 

After ingesting it, the wife then walks over to a three-seater cushion and lowers herself into it as the effect of the substance kicks in. 

At some point, the pain appears to become unbearable and the wife lowers herself to the ground and starts writhing in pain between her husband’s legs, but he makes no move to get help for her. 

One of the couple’s children is later seen handing the Mwangi a cup, said to contain milk, for her to drink. 

Sadly, the woman died. 

Following the emergence of the video, Kenyans have taken to Twitter to call out DJ Brownskin while telling him that he had the mind to attend his wife’s burial after standing by and doing nothing as he watched her die.

Video below…………

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