Video of over 20 people coming out of a car that can only contain 5 people goes viral online (Watch)

A video of over twenty 20 sets of people coming out of a car that can only contain 5 people has surfaced online and by extension has gathered several reactions among netizens.

The video which has gone viral across social media shows the moment a car that can only accommodate just 5 people was told to stop at the checkout point by the security operatives.

While many expected just 4 to 5 people to come out of the car, it was contrary as people inside the car keeps coming out as if there is a special room located inside the car.

People started trooping out of the car from the front and the back seats and had to wait for a longer period of time before all the people from the back seat came out.

While that was just the beginning, the car boot was opened only to find out that more than ten people locked themselves inside the place like a sardine fish with those people lying on top of one another.

The video has stirred several reactions online as many social media users did not see it coming wondering how over 18-20 people could be comfortable inside a small car that can only accommodate 4-5 people.

Watch the video and see reactions below;

blvckest.j: Inside that your motor, another motor de inside 😭😂😂 cause wtff!!!.

its_tegadominic: They didn’t check the fuel tank? 😮.

odineabraham: Make una nor let lagos bus drivers see dis update ooh.

real_funkymallam: e Somebody can get suffocated and die instantly. This hustling is too rough.

llola_adeleke: Wait oh, I no understand? Is there basement in that car? Somebody explain.

yf_bibitex: Una turn dz small car to apartment 😂.

babatee.1: Haaaaaa Them fit live throughout their life time inside BRT😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

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