Video of number 1 man on FBI list Valentine Iro living large and spending dollar surfaces online


Recently, Talk of Naija released the full list of the 80 Nigerians who were raided in the US for alleged fraud.

On the list, the first man that was picked up by the FBI is named Valentine Iro.

An old video of Valentine Iro and spending dollars has surfaced on social media. recently listed out the names of all the 80 Nigerian men who were picked up by the FBI for allegedly committing fraud. The very first name on the list is Valentine Iro.

Amidst all the reactions from Nigerians about the alleged crimes of Valentine Iro and the rest of the men, a very revealing video has emerged. The clip showed a flamboyant Valentine Iro living large and spending dollars in a private party.

The man who was with some woman was dancing and getting sprayed with a lot of dollars. Also, Valentine Iro was being hailed and praised by the masters of ceremony.

See the video below:

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Valentine Iro. Number 1 on the FBI list…. PLEASE NO ONE SHOULD PUSH THIS ON TRIBE BECAUSE AS NIGERIANS I BET MY LIFE ON IT THAT MOST OF US IF NOT ALL NIGERIANS KNOW YAHOO YAHOO FROM ALL TRIBE OF NIGERIA ,YES HOUSA IGBO YORUBA BECAUSE IN MY OPINION; What you are Watching now is Exactly what Nigeria as a Country Idolize and Celebrates. No more Hard work and honour… So, A few of us Nigerians that Decides to take the slow but steady route appear to them like fools….After this life Abroad, 90% End up Buying their ways to Political offices Yet we Wonder How we got here at this corss road as a Nation. The more Our Society continues to Encourage this type of sudden wealth, we will continue to be stagnant because his likes is the pool from which we now source leadership materials . Una doo! _Femi Ogedengbe

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This video which was shared by an actor named Femi Ogedengbe generated a lot of reactions from Nigerians who expressed disappointment in Valentine Iro and other frivolous youths.

See some reactions below:

ekenem_chukwu: “In Nigeria, it is the hardworking innocent Nigerians that suffer and pay for all the corruption and other crimes so I can’t even advice anybody to stay innocent because na hunger go kill am. until the country starts having direction. but right now no.”

coollinkz: “They’re the reason why legit people find it difficult to secure a job abroad!”

nhikhyb: “No more hard work and honour”. For me that line really stood out, you see girls that could be productive and live a meaningful life telling you they are not ready for any stressful job, they would rather take the quick route. My heart bleeds when I see talents and intelligence go to waste all because they want to live on d fast lane.”

phinaford1: “This is why he will spend a long time in prison.”