Video of Nigeria’s first crossdresser emerges online


A throwback video fast trending online shows one of Nigeria’s male cross-dresser that made it into mainstream media in the 1970s.

According to reports, the cross-dresser was nicknamed “Area Scatter” and he hailed from Imo state.

The effeminate man was a musician, who usually played music with his ornamental thumb piano, singing in a rich voice and moving his body in an unusual way.

Legend has it that he was a civil servant, who disappeared into the wilderness at some point during the years of the war, only to re-emerge 7 months and 7 days later, as a woman.

Area Scatter claimed that the gods gave him supernatural powers which he used to enhance his musical talent and become more feminine.

In the video seen online, Area Scatter could be seen dressed in a top and wrapper with feminine shoes on and his hair plaited with thread.

The transgender could also be seen walking to a palace in the east, in which he performs in the presence of the king, who seemed impressed.

Video below: