Video: Man Injured by wild Lion roaming on the streets in Nairobi, Kenya


A large, dark-mane male lion strayed into rush hour traffic on Mombasa Road, a four-lane highway & injured a 63-year-old man. He was swiped at by the lion when it became agitated by the behaviour of the people around him.

According to Kenya Wildlife Service spokesman Paul Udoto, “People were there, hooting their horns, taking selfies and all that and the lion got agitated.”


Unfortunately, The man was clawed in two areas – on the front of the chest and on the back of the shoulder. He sustained lacerations, quite deep cuts in the left shoulder region and has sustained a small fracture in one of the bones in the area.

The Lion returned to the park, followed by rangers who encouraged him to move deeper into the reserve and they are still teams of rangers on the ground in case there are other lions around that have not been spotted. The injured man who is in the hospital is however in a stable condition.


Video credit: Simply V


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