(Video) Man Caught Peeping Under Toilet Door To See A Musician’s Huge Rod


A creepy man has been videoed trying to watch the huge rod of a musician through the opening of a toilet door as he used the loo.

The victim, an Indie South African singer called Dezra Ore took to his Twitter account to share the disturbing video.

According to Dezra, he was using the bathroom at ‘Mall of Africa’ when a ‘Peeping Tom’ tried to sneak a peek at his “goods”.

The video shows the unidentified man going on all fours on the floor to try and look underneath the toilet stall’s door.

”I saw the man standing in the bathroom when he went in but didn’t give him a second thought. However, when he was in the stall, he noticed a lot of movement outside the door and he decided to turn on his phone’s video camera”, Dezra said.

Sharing the video on twitter, the traumatized singer wrote;

”So I caught this Man tryna see my goods while I was using the toilet, waw at @MallOfAfricaSA. I had to wait 30 mins before I went out cause I was freaked out and still a bit shacky”