Video: Female passengers push a bus in Lagos while male passengers sit comfortably inside


There’s a famous saying that ‘What a man can do, a woman can do better’. This quote leaves room for ambiguity as there are certain incidents that make one wonder if a woman should really be allowed to do certain things even if she is in a position to do them.

Feminists often advocate for equal rights and opportunities between men and women but an incident which recently occurred in Lagos, might not be their idea of equality.

Two female passengers were spotted pushing a broken down commercial bus while the other passengers’, including men sat comfortably in the vehicle.

The video was shared online and in the background while the scene was being recorded, a woman can be heard trying to cheer them on for their wits, while the men chuckled and laughed over the dramatic scene.

The women appeared exhausted as they pushed but they still kept at it as if their lives depended on the bus starting.

Watch the video below: