Veteran Actress, Kate Henshaw, Shares Her Experience Wit Lastma Officials Beggin

Actress Kate Henshaw

Veteran Nollywood actress and mother of one, Kate Henshaw, has taken to social media to share her ordeal with Lastma officials via a video post.

Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (Lastma) officials were disappointed after they stopped the 48 year old actress earlier today but couldn’t get a single penny from her.

According to the actress in the video she shared on her Instagram page, the Lastma officials stopped her and asked for her papers which she presented.

After checking her papers and seeing they were complete, they still held her back, demanding for new year money which she didn’t give.

One of the officials got a bit upset and referred to celebrities as stingy people.

Kate Henshaw’s sarcastic response would make you laugh.

Lol, bad market for Lastma officials.